Human’s behavior and way of acting have been explored by the science for many years, so I prefer not to pretend to give some additional facts about this, but to direct your attention today to one very important question i.e. – Why should I (always) ask for more?

Regardless if we talk about your personal life or your career – it is all the same. We don’t ask, but we anticipate… Due to our cultural characteristics and educational background we sometimes forget the fact that ‘asking’ for something is actually what separates us from the other part of the living world. We can communicate by speaking to each other, and hence it is really important to ask questions and to look for answers.

Unfortunately the world is not rolling around us, although some of us believe that they are in the very heart of the universe. For most of the things which we want we have to literally fight. Especially in XXI century when most of the items and sources are limited. So if you have something, it most likely means that someone else is being restricted of having it. Appreciate that fact and focus what more could/should/may you have!

Boyko Manev

First THINK, then ASK, then THINK, then ACT. If what you ask for is not what you get – then consider the circumstances and. if possible, try to have it in a different way. Today, we live in a time of economic turbulences and it is possible that we will get less of what we ask for, yet we need to stay focus and not to give up.

If you are not happy with your current job and want a change in your career – you have to make the move, to look around and find better solutions. It is always about the MORE – more money, or higher position, or even both.

The moment you leave your life to be the way it is, and you are not the “active” part – the one who gives direction – it is all gone. You will be satisfied with less and less every day, and the less you get the lower your status will become. Don’t get yourself down! Always stay awake – if you are sleepy or not focused – you will be trashed… Do you really want this to happen to you?

The moment you materialize your “dream” – find another one! It is all about the progress of what you have and what you achieve, and the balance in between. When you are awake and energized, it is affecting the people around you. They want to be in contact with you, they ask for advices, they ask for opinions – and, at the end. this makes you more successful. Not only about yourself, but also about the others.

hen you are successful, you then have bigger influence in the activities that are happening around you. You can influence and manipulate the reality. When you manipulate – you can direct the events in “your” direction.

“The more you have – the more you get!”
Boyko Manev – Author & Entrepreneur

Probably most of you have noted that the more popular some people are, the less they pay for what they have. It sounds a bit like nonsense but if you make an overview of this, you will agree with me. Why is that? Because, the more popular some people are, the higher their influence in the society is, so the higher their “value” is and in the end, more people are willing to be surrounded by them.

If Today you do everything the same, as the way you did Yesterday – probably Tomorrow you will have the same as what you had Today… Does that make you happy and successful?


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