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Some of you may think that the article is not quite suitable for the LinkedIn platform, but I believe once you read it till the very end you will change your mind.

There are several things that we usually consider as “ God-given” – like how tall we are; what is the color of our hair ; what is the color of our eyes, but all the rest is something that YOU can really control and guide in the “right direction”. The direction that will make you SUCCESFFUL and a wanted person in everybody’s company.

Boyko Manev

If you want to be successful in your life, you really have to be good in SALES. The basic rule is to know how to sell yourself. We are all living surrounded by reality that shows us how important it is for one to be recognized and respected in society – in order to have what you want, to get what you need, to be the winner… All this is not an easy task. A closed friend of mine told me once: “Life is full of sharks, if you are not careful – they will eat you!” Very true.

We are not really paying enough attention to what we have and are focused on what we want. Instead we try to be a “copy-paste” of something else which is distracting us from who we really could be… This is not good, because it does contribute neither to our development, our strengths nor to our success.

Why does SEX Sell? It has been proven in time that compared to others those people who look sexier and have better looks have greater chances when it comes to a better job, or having success in closing a sales deal.

“If YOU want to be SUCCESFUL you have to be SEXY!”

It is great if you appreciate what the nature has given you, but if you are over twenty (20) and the only investment you make in order to maintain your “natural sexy looks” is the money you spent on toothpaste and shampoo – that is certainly not going to be enough. Especially not in 2015. Look around! You are surrounded by “walking examples”, moreover you see them on TV-commercials and TV series, you will see people who look sexy, who invest in themselves. Don’t make stupid excuses like “it is too expensive” or “I don’t really have time for this”. This is totally not acceptable. Not today!

If you don’t have money or time for YOURSELF – for what or whom you do?!?

You have to start investing in YOURSELF. (The sooner – the better!) Depending on your gender – male or female, you have to start at the age of 18-20 and really stay focused on that in the next 10 years in order to create habits. It takes time, it takes efforts but at the end it pays back. Don’t let your 40’s and 50’s (and the years after) “suffer” and pay the debts of your laziness when you were young.

There are three very important things you need to stay focused on: LOOK / WALK / TALK. Once you create yourself some habits, then you will only have to stick to them and you will be amazed how much success they can bring you.

If you invest in your appearance (clothes + cosmetics), your way of talking (good education, reading books, reading articles like this one) and your way of walking (when you walk you have to do it with confidence, to pay attention to the area and people around you – be adequate and not walk like you are running late for the bus…), all this in combination should guarantee you better position in the society.

Pay attention to what other people say about you! It may sound strange, but in my opinion it is really important to listen to what other people think about you, especially at the age when you are “shaping your personality”. If someone tells you that the cloths you are wearing are not appropriate for your job interview, or the way you walk is really “weird” – listen to them – most likely this is a friendly advice for your own good.

You want to be successful? If so, you have to be sexy, be full of confidence and have to listen carefully to what others have to say.


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