In nowadays nothing is like it used to be years of years ago… Many people want to be someone, who they can’t be – one that others admire and believe in.

Boyko Manev

Television and Internet have much stronger influence on people than they probably think. Both are focused on generating more and more money, but not really taking into consideration the possible negative influence they have on the young people and especially those with non-developed value system, or with lower social status.

When countries and governments, in particular, do not spend enough money, time and efforts to educate the young people and give them examples to follow – they might find their own way to educate themselves and follow those whom they see on TV. This is becoming a bigger problem lately as many people are not able to recognize basic characters from their national history and have limited knowledge about world geography. It is nice to see posts on Facebook by friends, who have guessed 15 out of 15 world country capitals – but are those facts showing who they really are? Or it is again showing and making you look like ‘smart’ in the eyes of your friends…

In the end, is it for real, that you have guessed them because you know them, or it is just a coincidence (or even worse, not your answers at all…)

The more you focus on something that you are being shown on TV, the further you drift away from where you could be and really represent yourself in a better shape. Televisions are not only helping (supporting) the governments and the businesses (those who pay) but also manipulate you and even worse, make you believe that the world you live in is a „wonderful place“ – full with crimes, car crashes, suicides etc. – and you believe. You go into the “acceptance level”.

“So, what you see becomes your reality. You neglect what you could have and who you can be, but stay “content” with what you are given and don’t ask for more, don’t really struggle, but keep satisfying yourself and trying to look someone else.”

In other words, the a-normal becomes normal, and what you could have is replaced by what you have been given. You are not able to differentiate what has a moral value and what to follow as successful examples in life and career.

It all starts from the family and with the proper education following after in school. The real life shows that having a good standard of living is based on what you have as goods – cars, clothes, telephones, computers (latest versions) – all these make you ‘successful’ compared to others.

But is this that we should have as examples to follow? Remember: What you have is usually what you have been given by others and most of the cases it is not because of you, but due to coincidence or inherited from your family. You do nothing, but USE this and pretend it is YOU. So instead of living your OWN life you live the life of others…

My advice is that you use what you have as a cornerstone and go higher and above all – further. CREATE your own REALITY in which you are in CONTROL and direct it as per YOUR wishes and will. Have enough self-esteem to be proud of what you have achieved, and as I like to say “If you respect yourself, others will respect you!” Don’t let others judge you.

“Just be you.”


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