How many of you have a family with 1 girl and 1 boy? (This is considered to be the ideal family, as per the commercials that we watch on TV every day). How many of you have the job of your dreams, or get paid more than what you could spend in a month? How many of you have a big house with 4 bedrooms, designer living room and a yard that can fit the latest model car and the jeep of your spouse?

If you have all the things listed above, you are probably not reading this article… Mainly because those kind of people are not on LinkedIn but are using other platforms.

We all like to compare ourselves. We all want to have what we don’t and pretend that this will make us happier. Is it really like this? Do you really want to go on a holiday to the Maldives, when you know that you suffer from sea-sickness – just because your colleague is planning this gorgeous vacation with his soulmate?

Nobody wants to be counted as the “outsider”. Such people are even considered “losers”, because they don’t match “society “and stand out of the crowd for who they are.

Is it easy to be “different”?

– To be unemployed, when all your friends have their “nice jobs” from 9 am to 5 pm.

– To be single, when all your friends are in a “serious relationship”.

– To be broke (in debt), when all your friends are “doing well financially”.

The answer is No. But do you have to feel guilty for this? Here the answer is again No!

Remember: There is a reason why you are “different”. We are all on this planet with some mission. Just try to find your mission and be happy with who you are (and your current status).

If you are unemployed, and have difficulties finding the “right job”, then enjoy the moment and use your free time. Don’t waste your time being negative. To have all the time in the world is actually something that all the working people will feel really jealous about. Do what others can’t? Use this time to invest in yourself – by attending some courses, going on vacations to exotic places –enjoy this moment to its fullest. Try to get the best out of it. For sure it will not last forever, and one day when you start working you will ask yourself – why the f*** didn’t I go to this nice spot on the sea coast?

If you are single, and have tried “all the options on the table”, then don’t stress yourself more than you already are. Is it your fault that you are single? Most likely the answer is Yes. But should it make you sad all the time – No. You have tried all the options, so enjoy your time on your own in a better way. Learn how to live in peace with yourself and grow your confidence. It could be that this actually helps you to attract other people and soon you will not be single but approached by “Mr./Mrs. Right ”. Think about it!

If you are broke (in debt), you probably have already figure out how to live your life, so that others are “ok “with your current status…. It is not easy to give advice to people who are in such situation. Especially when other people are dependable on them. What you should do is to start your life from the scratch. Forget about your past! Don’t even look at it. Start from the bottom and pay two times more attention to what you do. Don’t repeat your mistakes twice! “Wake up!” and make an Action Plan for your life. Don’t expect someone else to do it instead of you. Everybody deserves to be happy, but happiness is not given for granted. The most important thing is that you are “ok” with your status and have learnt your lessons.

Unfortunately our lives are too short to live isolated. You are not helping yourself at all. Be open-minded and enjoy the most out of life – if you can’t have what others have – have ALL the rest!!!

“Remember nothing is what it looks like…”


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