In my experience in the field of Hospitality industry, which is more than 10 years, I was blessed to work with a big number of professionals and some of them were real mentors and people who were willing to train and pass their knowledge to others. Most of them are my network connections here on LinkedIn.

There are so many lessons which I have learnt from them, yet one of the most important to be followed is: Don’t think about people – think about positions! This lesson/advice was given to me while I was incumbent at the Radisson Blu Grand Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria and I witness how successful for business this could be.

We, humans, are taking everything in our daily life too personal and sometimes we transfer our ‘gap of real personal life’ to our daily working duties and we live as there is no other life outside of our work… This makes us vulnerable and when we have to terminate or to be terminated from our job – we are taking it as a ‘personal action towards us’ and not as an act of professionalism, based on business needs.

It’s a matter of culture and traditions, and how we have lived our life so far. Still I believe that most of the people, regardless of their origin, have a way of understanding which is similar to this one.

One of the most difficult decisions is to say “goodbye” to someone. No matter if this refers to private life or work. So such decisions should be well-thought and never taken spontaneously. If you are in a position when you have to terminate someone’s contract, first ask yourself – do I need this position, is the person holding this position valuable for the company and finally – what will I gain (as a manager/owner) after taking such decision? Such actions should be solely business justifiable and not based on personal relationships.

“Where there is money – there should be no love/hate/sex!”

Nobody is married to their work and this should be understood and respected by everybody at any time. We are living in a period of time when changing your job after 2-3 years is something normal and should not stress ourselves unnecessarily – there are so many other things we need to be focused on.

If “the moment” has come and you are being called by the HR Manager, your direct Manager or the General Manager and asked to resign – accept this fact and move forward! Your life has not started with this work place and most likely will not end up with it.

If you are being released/dismissed/terminated…There is a reason. Maybe your position is no longer needed, maybe there is a better applicant waiting at the door, or maybe there is a reason which you don’t really want to know – still you need to agree with this decision and try to find a better spot.

“The moment you lose your current job, that means you have ALL the other options on the table being available – just look around, make the needed research and grab it!”


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